Build a City Website Citizens Will Use

I keep hearing web should be our biggest community resource. But we have a decent site, and our citizen visits (and return visits) are still low. What are we missing?

CivicPlus makes sure citizens use your site — with two big steps:

1) Community-Specific Design

We create a design specific to how your citizens use websites. It starts with collecting data that reveals just how web savvy they are, what kind of page design works best for them, and what content they prize most. Then we align all of that with the information you most want them to know. Everything — organization, page titles, home page features — revolves around making a site your citizens will understand. 

Citizens will find what they need fast. Or they’ll find a way to contact someone who has it (not just the person who happens to be at the front desk).

2) Community Launch Program

Our partnership with you doesn’t end at site launch. After your website goes live, we help you run promotions throughout your community to get citizens active on the site. We’ll work with you to:

  • Orchestrate launch campaigns
  • Bring people to your site
  • Reward them for using it
  • Invite them to return with friends
  • Get them doing it over and over again

How do you know it’s working? Two ways. There’s proof — a constantly changing tally of your users before and since your new site. And we guarantee it.