Edmond, OK


Centrally located in Oklahoma, Edmond doesn’t have trouble attracting a crowd. With a major university that brings in people from all over the region, the city also draws in shoppers with its one-of-a-kind antique and boutique shops. Edmond consistently ranks high in national polls like CNN’s Best Places to Live, and has hosted major events, such as PGA and USGA Golf Tours. With a wealth of smart, savvy and active citizens, the City of Edmond needed an equally robust website.

Before CivicPlus
Using a dated content management system, staff at the City of Edmond describe their previous website as “antiquated.” Creating online forms, uploading photos, making changes to the site — all difficult and time-consuming. And with only one staff member administering the site’s 1500 pages, it was nearly impossible to keep the site current.

After CivicPlus
Today, residents are sending in 10–15 posts per day through the Citizen Request Tracker, some of which are notes of appreciation from those impressed by how quickly and efficiently the city now handles their issues. Citizens are not only able to report concerns, but because the new site makes it easier to find information that’s timely and accurate, residents can find what they’re looking for instantly — meaning less phone calls to City Hall. Using a Government Content Management System that’s easier to update, departments are sharing the responsibility of the website and taking ownership of their pages. With a more efficient local government and more involved citizens, the City of Edmond can continue to aim high.

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