Chestermere, AB


Known as “Alberta’s Oasis,” Chestermere began as a summer retreat. But before long, many cabin owners decided they wanted to live near the town’s picturesque lake year round. Over the last ten years, the town’s population has boomed, increasing over 300% and making it Alberta’s fastest growing town. With many commuting to nearby Calgary for work, the town is still considered a haven to return to at the end of the day, offering both serenity and gorgeous views. 

Before CivicPlus
Despite having such a magnificent backdrop, the Town of Chestermere’s previous website offered very little in the way of visually representing the community. Visitors to the site could not get a true sense of the lake town’s identity. This was mostly due to the fact that the backend structure was cumbersome and difficult to use, making it burdensome for staff to add new content — such as photos — or make changes. Information became outdated and buried in the site, and complaints from frustrated and confused residents were frequent.

After CivicPlus
With a background image of Chestermere’s landscape that reflects the seasons, the town’s website now provides a sense of place that is unique to Chestermere. In addition, CivicPlus was able to incorporate the look and feel of the town’s recent rebranding efforts to maintain consistency across their materials. In contrast to their previous site, town staff now has direct access to their pages and can easily make changes without feeling overwhelmed. Residents, too, are happy with the new site and how quickly they can find what they’re looking for. And with the site’s social media integration, citizens have more options to learn about local initiatives and provide their feedback. The town’s blog — known as “Rumour Has It” — allows municipal staff to address topics that residents are curious about and give them the most current, accurate information. Most of all, the Town of Chestermere is glad to have a website that will continue to grow with them over time, and help them meet their vision for Chestermere’s future.

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